Meet the Team

Best Resume Writing Services In Houston Professional The people behind Pavilion Craft, now out in front... Doctoral Dissertation Research Proposal Layout 1What’s involved in your average working day? I am the Managing Editor in charge of the craft list at Pavilion, so there are a lot of different aspects to my job. I spend a lot of time working with our authors, talking about their current projects or new ideas for books. I try to make time to research new trends in craft – visiting shops, craft fairs and exhibitions and of course looking at blogs and websites. I organise all the photoshoots for our books, and work closely with our designer Laura to make sure the books look the way we want them to. I also have to make sure everyone is sticking to their deadlines, and most importantly of all, that the books get to the printer on time.

College Essays Mission Trips What’s the best bit about your job? It is definitely the variety. One day I could be working on woodwork, and the next day knitted cats! It is great to meet such interesting crafty authors – with each new book I learn about something new. I also enjoy opening the many packages I get sent. I never know what crafty creation is going to arrive next!

College Admission Essay University Florida What’s your favourite craft and why? Describe My Best Friend Essay I have recently acquired a sewing machine and have been on a couple of dressmaking courses. I just need to spend less time looking at fabric websites, and more time learning how to sew in a straight line… I would love to be able to make my own clothes one day.

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