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Kerry Lord’s new book Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium is a unique flip-book with mix-and-match crochet patterns for making your own monsters. The book gives the building blocks that allow you to draw from your own or your children’s imagination, to design a unique crochet monster. To get your creativity going, Kerry has put together a monster gallery, filled with creatures from far and wide. Meet space monster Dylan, mountain-dweller Caleb and Bella with the magic hair.



Fell to Earth from space some time in the 1980s and has never looked back up. Having developed a taste for old mobile phone batteries he very rarely finds himself short of a meal, and over the last twenty years has dug a very impressive network of tunnels under his local town popping up into every technology shop going. Obviously Dylan is this monster’s Earth name, as his other one is impossible to pronounce and contains three alphabets’ worth of letters. Presumably the rest of his kind are out there somewhere, flying through space and time and maybe one day they’ll come back for him, but until then he’s very happy living amongst us.



Is a mountain-dweller with a comfy cave full of ten pairs of tiny-clawed feet in all the colours of the rainbow. It’s hard work getting everyone up, fed and washed in the morning ready to head off for a day out on the peaks learning the family trade. Without the secret assistance of Caleb and his kind, our mountains’ dry-stone-walls wouldn’t hold up half as well through winter. With twelve tiny little rucksacks full of nuts strapped to their backs, they head off every morning repairing and replacing these ancient field barriers, tutting if they catch a soggy sheep leaning too heavily on their precious stone structures when sheltering from the



Spent a large portion of her teenage years waking up every morning and frantically looking over her shoulder to see if her wings had grown. It was only half way through her years attending one of the best fairy boarding-schools in the kingdom when her hairbrush caught on her newly budding horns that she finally accepted she was not quite the same as everyone else. Her long flowing locks are key to the strength of her magic, and although she doesn’t collect their teeth or possess the dust to make them fly, she uses all her powers to watch over sleeping children and puts nightly smiles on their faces with dreams of unicorns, castles and kittens.


Design your own monster or find the patterns for Dylan, Caleb and Bella in Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord, out now.

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