Hoop Haberdashery
92 High Street
TN30 6JB

01580 388011


What is happening these days at Hoop Haberdashery?
I’ve only been open 6 months, so every day is new and usually a steep learning curve. We’ve got lots of classes and courses happening to keep me busy though, should I ever get a quiet 5 minutes, from learning to knit and crochet to finishing techniques and embroidery.

http://iaaesthetics.org/?writing-a-school-report Writing A School Report When is the busiest craft period?
Friday is definitely the busiest day of the week, I’ve discovered that crafters are an organised bunch and like to have everything they need ready for a weekend of crafting.

Is there anything like the “ideal customer” who knows exactly what he/she wants or do you quite enjoy when people experiment with new ideas and projects?
I love customers who come into the shop open minded and ready to be inspired; I think that’s when you are most creative. My favourite projects always seem to develop from collaboration with other crafters… and sometimes my mistakes :)

Dissertation Proposal Service Abstract What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love meeting people, talking about their latest project and sharing their enthusiasm, but opening the boxes, packets and parcels of stock that arrive every day comes pretty close!

What seems to be the most loved craft at the shop?
Crochet, without a doubt. The amount of people making granny square blankets, flowers and amigurami is incredible, but knitting comes a pretty close second.

Tell us about a new craft product that caught your eye!
I’m afraid I have to be greedy and list a few, I can’t limit myself to just one!
For the knitters, the Rowan Fine Art sock yarn is just beautiful. It’s hand painted, merino, mohair and silk in the most incredible colours. Just to die for.
For the hookers we have some new crochet kits in from the Crafty Kit Company. I particularly love the crochet corsage kit in a gorgeous soft pink.
And last but not least, What Delilah Did have just launched a great new range of cross stitch cushion kits. Beautiful, easy to stitch and in my opinion, design classics.

Lady Sew and Sew
Moy House
57 Institute Road

01628 890 532/ 01491 572528


Dissertation Proposal Service 2000 Words What is happening these days at Lady Sew and Sew? 
Every day there is something new happening here. The next show to prepare for, new customers finding us, the latest fabrics arriving, events to plan for and classes and the associated guests to manage. Eighteen months ago we opened our warehouse in Henley. This is in addition to the shop in Marlow and our legendary stall on Bracknell Market. The warehouse never fails to amaze visitors – which is understandable as we hold stock of over 10,000 bolts of fabric and have three classroom areas all buzzing away.

Assignments, Essays, Dissertations When is the busiest craft period?   
We are busy all year around – there is never a lull as we run a large and successful internet and mail order business which keeps us going 24-7. At the moment we are preparing for the Henley Arts Trail, where once again we are lead sponsors. As last year we will be holding a fabulous Quilting & Textile arts exhibition to coincide with the trail, which runs from 4th – 6th May. Last year we had 70 exhibits hung throughout the Warehouse … and this year’s exhibition will only be bigger !

Is there anything like the “ideal customer” who knows exactly what he/she wants or do you quite enjoy when people experiment with new ideas and projects?
Our ideal customer is anyone who is enthusiastic about sewing or knitting … we love them all and share their enthusiasm.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 
Working among all the fabric  and talking to people about being creative with fabric is by far the best part of the job.

What seems to be the most loved craft at the shop? 
We hold stocks of wool and dressmaking fabric and carry haberdashery to support a variety of textile art, but the renaissance in patchwork and quilting have taken off so amazingly in the past few years that the majority of our customers are quilters of one type or another.

Best Business Plan Writers Tell us about a new craft product that caught your eye!
My favourite product is the Accuquilt, which is a fabric piece cutter that can either be used to cut basic shapes with ultra accuracy or it can be used to cut great designs, such as leaves, birds, letters, numerals, cats, dogs, houses, trains (you name it!!), which can be appliqued onto quilts to bring them to life! It is a great design assistant and which needs no electricity and has hidden blades so can be used by all ages. Apart from that we love anything that saves us time. Simplicity do a range of super products on this front: the Simplicity SideWinder Bobbin Winder allows you to reload used bobbins without the faff of unthreading your machine. The Bias Tape Maker rapidly presses the folds into a long length of fabric quickly and without the need to get the ironing board out do it! Then there is the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine: a super quick way to cut long strips of fabric!

Flo-jo Boutique
36b Gloucester Road



Custom Writing Review Site What is happening these days at Flo-jo?
It feels like so much is happening as we  approach our first anniversary of opening the shop, one of the things we are very excited about is our new workshop programme for the spring/summer term, which has hugely expanded since we opened last March. We hope to offer something for everyone including patch working, knicker making and dress making with a vintage twist. We hope to still add more to the programme including one day tasters such as ‘Making and Mending for Men’ we’d hate to leave anyone out!
When is the busiest craft period?
As we come to the end of our year we are only just getting to know  how the year flows. We have been really pleased with how busy the  year has started with people full of new year resolutions booking up courses and starting  sewing projects, we are also constantly taking bookings for our popular knicker making parties, which make a great  hen party event.

Is there anything like the ideal customer?
The ideal customer is some one who doesn’t even need to spend anything, they are just someone who gets it! Someone who comes in and gets excited about the fabrics. We pride ourselves on having a diverse range incorporating  classic Liberty Tana Lawn right through to bold vintage inspired prints of designers like Alexander Henry and Michael Miller. So the ideal customer is someone who gets inspired and excited by the fabrics and trims we offer and then we know they are hooked and will be back.

Dissertation Write For Payment 2 Months What do you most enjoy about your job?
Would it sound cheesy to say everything? We have worked together making and sewing over 8 years, selling at fairs, festivals and online and opening Flo-Jo Boutique on the high street has been an exciting  next step. We love having a creative space for ourselves but also to share with our local community, we offer drop in sewing sessions and kids sewing clubs on top of our courses, so the shop is a very social place and there is always time for a cuppa and if your lucky a bit of cake!

What seems to be the most loved craft at Flo-Jo Boutique?
That’s got to be the knicker making, we make a kit that we wholesale and our workshops are always booked up and popular for parties.

Tell us about a new craft project that caught your eye.
We love the newly created ‘Mini Top Hat Making Kit ‘ from Laura After Midnight its a beautifully presented, unusual craft kit with an element of fun. http://www.etsy.com/listing/116070874/pink-silk-mini-top-hat-kit?ref=correlated_featured

Winnie the Wool Wagon and Winnie’s Craft Cafe
3 Woodbine Park
Co Dublin
Republic of Ireland

01 260 3734


What is happening these days at Winnie’s Craft Café? Where is Winnie the Wool Wagon? 
January is a funny month for knitters and crocheters.  There will still be plenty of cosy yarns being bought and made into snuggly garments.  We will be re-stocking all our winter favourites including the Lanas Stop Fur collection which is great fun to knit with, but we will also be looking at all the Spring/Summer stock that is becoming available.  Knitters are optimists by nature and are always looking forward to see what will be needed when the weather changes!  The new terms of our popular knitting and crochet classes will be getting under way too and our regular Wednesday evening social knitting will continue with lots of tales of how Christmas went.

Winnie the Wool Wagon likes to travel the length and breadth of the country seeking new experiences and making new friends.  This is the month when we get out the calendar and the map and plan our adventures for the year ahead!  Already on the agenda is the monthly Castletown House Market which is a firm favourite for us and our customers.  We will also be heading to the Dublin Horse Show, an institution here in Ireland for nearly 150 years and popular with visitors from near and far.  We also like to go to local county shows and will be considering the Ploughing Championships, another popular event.

My Own Business Plan When is the busiest craft period?
Undoubtedly the winter is the busiest time of year with lots of winter woollies and Christmas presents being made but there are lots of types of knitting that go on throughout the year.  Babies are no respecters of seasons and are the recipients of lots of knitted items at the moment.  We also have lots of toy knitters who keep going the whole year round.  We carry a large range of books and materials suitable for toys and there are lots of great fun projects in the Collins & Brown range among others.  2012 was definitely the year of sport and many a woolly sports man or woman was produced in and around Winnie’s Craft Cafe!  We are becoming known for our window displays and I think the Clangers may be paying a visit quite soon!

Is there anything like the “ideal customer” who knows exactly what he/she wants or you quite enjoy when people experiment with new ideas and projects? 
Our ideal customer is someone who would like to knit or crochet – after that they come in all shapes and sizes!  There are so many benefits to knitting for both young and old that we are just delighted that someone wants to give it a go.  In the shop we try to have something for everyone – from easy knits, kids needles and coloured wool for the beginners to unusual yarns in different materials, textures and colours.  We pride ourselves on having everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Common questions in the shop would be “Do you have stuffing for my dragon?” or “What colour is Big Bird’s beak?”.  We have books, patterns and yarn for all tastes and pockets.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Seeing people come in and enjoy being in the shop.  It is a riot of colour and you can see that captivating people and getting their imagination going.  Our coloured sheep and play corner are often popular with our younger customers and help keep them entertained while their companions can shop in relative peace.  In these challenging times people sometimes need to escape for a few hours and hopefully Winnie’s Craft Cafe and their hobbies help them.  We also have a cafe and many of our customers to the cafe enjoy the ambience of the shop even if they don’t knit – yet!

What seems to be the most loved craft at Winnie’s?
As well as knitting, a lot of people seem to come to us for our selection of materials and books for crochet.  Crochet is definitely growing in popularity again in Ireland but it is hard to find nice patterns and we do our best to have as full a range as possible.  Our crochet classes are also proving popular.

Tell us about a new craft product that caught your eye!
We have recently started stocking Hoooked Zpagetti crochet bag kits and they have proved very popular over Christmas.  The yarn is tshirt material off-cuts and provides for quick and funky projects.  Our Lanas Stop fur collection is also a lot of fun as it looks quite realistic.  Great for fur hats and trimmings – and I think there may have to be a furry bear or two also!


Ray Stitch Haberdashery Shop and Café
99 Essex Road
N1 2SJ

020 7704 1060


What is happening these days at Ray Stitch?

We are just mentally gearing up for Christmas at the moment. Last year was our first Christmas, and it was a little manic! So we are just finalising our ordering, lots of ribbon, gifts and kits and just putting together christmas fabric bundles. We’ve also just worked with a local designer to produce a series of 8 printed cotton ribbons. It was great to take on the role of ‘art director’ and see the project through to the final stages, and we are so happy with the results. We will be bringing out two more ranges of designer printed ribbon next year.

When is the busiest craft period?
Saturdays are definitely our busiest day – people finally have time to do a spot of making! You get people in stocking up for a new project they’ve got planned, as well as purchases for mending and fixing, an ever popular weekend activity!

Is there anything like the “ideal customer” who knows exactly what he/she wants or you quite enjoy when people experiment with new ideas and projects?
Because I love patchwork, I like someone coming in wanting to make a quilt. We go round the shop together pulling out possible fabrics and then get a big stack and try and edit from there. It’s also nice to give them hints and tips for the making process. I like a decisive person – many people think they are going to offend you when you suggest something and they don’t like it, which isn’t the case at all! It’s also nice to see people who have attended our classes and have obviously got the sewing bug.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
It’s genuinely lovely to talk to people who have a similar interest – London isn’t known for being that friendly, but there’s always lots of lovely chatter in the shop!<

What seems to be the most loved craft at Ray Stitch?
Although we do stock a lot of quilting fabric, I wouldn’t say we are a quilting shop. I actually think we have many more dress makers than quilters shopping here.

Tell us about a new craft product that caught your eye!
It’s not a new product, but the quality of the Merchant and Mills products never fails to amaze me. Their scissors cut like a dream and now I wouldn’t use any other pins, they really are the best of the best.

The Sewing Basket
61 Newmarket Street

01292 261841


What’s happening these days at the Sewing Basket?
Well, at the moment we’re enjoying lots of new customers finding us as we moved to a more central location two years ago, including lots of tourists who are finding us for the first time.  It’s great when they ‘discover’ us and it’s lovely to hear all their positive comments about how amazing the shop looks and how well stocked and staffed it is.We’ve also just launched ourselves onto facebook to run alongside our regular website & both Anne & I are trying to post regularly & keep our younger customers updated with what’s going on.

When is the busiest craft period?
Autumn and Winter time, once the nights pull in and the kids have gone back to school, things generally pick up.  Crafters who want to get ahead for Christmas are making an early start: our scarf yarns sales are really picking up as we have such a vast selection of styles and colours.  They’re great for Christmas presents, can be knitted in one night. A little tissue paper and ribbon and that’s one pressie crossed off the list!

Do you have an ideal customer?
To be honest any customer is ideal, but I really like the younger element who are so bowled over with all the possibilities and open to more contemporary styles and skills. My mission in life is to convince our younger set that knitting (and crocheting) is not just for Nanas !

What seems to be the most loved craft at The Sewing Basket?
We sell all DMC and Anchor threads as well as cross stitch and tapestries and if we haven’t got a particular one we will try our best to get it, but knitting and crochet are defnitely the most popular.  Since I did the ‘Learn to Crochet Class’ (with Carol Meldrum, at our shop), I’m a very happy hooker, quite addicted to it now someones actually shown me how, so much better that trying to teach yourself. I can’t get enough of it !  We run regular courses, customers can check our website for details or phone the shop – 01292 261841. It’s a great way to use up those odd bits in your stash & it ‘grows’ so quickly, much quicker than knitting

Tell us about a new craft product that caught your eye!
We have a fabulous selection of 100% wools for felting, the colours are really strong and, as it felts at 40 degrees, you don’t lose any of the vibrancy.  We’ve also just started stocking DMC’s Hooked Zphagetti which is huge in Europe and I think it’s going to be just as big over here, it’s a recycled cotton tape that you crochet on a big hook – so great for beginners or those wanting something a little different

What do you enjoy most about your job?
One of the things I really enjoy is opening the boxes and seeing all the new products coming in even though I know whats coming, as I ordered it ! I still love it !!

Meeting new and regular customers who maybe need just a little bit of confidence or encouragement to try something a little different or build on something they are interested in.  I definitely couldn’t get excited about working in a hardware store!!  I love wandering around the shop and looking at all the Italian buttons, the vast range of ribbons, etc. and all the other beautiful bits and pieces we stock. It’s a lovely place to work.

Beyond Fabrics
67 Columbia Rd
London E2 7RG

0207 729 5449


What is happening these days at Beyond Fabrics?
We are very busy planning and making new kits (patchwork quilt and sewing) every time a new fabric collection arrives. We have just got a Christmas collection so we will be cutting and packing new kits soon.

We are also offering Free Demonstration Classes every first Saturday of the month, next one is Cushions with Piping Cord and Invisible Zippers the 4th of August and on September  1st we will show English Hexagon Paper Piecing.

When is the busiest craft period?
As everyone I think we are the busiest from September until the end of December. We exhibit at many shows during November and December, so we are very busy preparing for these Fairs.

Sundays is our busiest day as we have a Flower Market on Columbia Rd which brings lots of trade, and weekdays we are a destination for many quilters who come to London from all over.

Is there anything like the “ideal customer” who knows exactly what he/she wants or do you quite enjoy when people experiment with new ideas and projects?
We have a mixture, we like the “ideal customers” who come in and feel at home picking fabrics from the shelf and only ask for help when they have finished making their selection. We also have lots of beginners to Patchwork and Quilting and are not sure what they want. We enjoy spending time with them and showing them the possibilities of a new hobby.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
We love spending time with our customers and helping them on their projects and it is most rewarding when they come back proud of their work and bring it to show us.

What seems to be the most loved craft at Beyond Fabrics?
We specialise in Patchwork and Quilting and our kits are very popular with beginners and advanced crafters.

Tell us about a new craft product that caught your eye!
We are always looking for new tools, templates and books to complement our stock. We have a new supplier in USA where we get so many crazy gadgets, rulers and tools for patchwork.

We have just added a new set of patchwork templates to our shop, “Perfect Patchwork Templates”. It is not a new product, it has been in the market for many years, but we like it as it makes a perfect cutting tool and you can get a perfect piecing all the time.

Ready to craft? Right now, spend £40 and receive £5 to spend online or in store!

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