Last month we looked among our readers for reviewers of July’s new releases Felting Fabulous Flowers and Elementary Sewing Skills. Many thanks to Kate and Jenny for taking time to write the reviews, both featured below.

Type Essay For Me 9781909397415Elementary Sewing Skills by Merchant & Mills

Reviewed by Jenny Kearney

Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field are Merchant & Mills. The company was formed in 2010 to elevate sewing to its proper place in the creative world, respecting the craftsmanship it entails. They produce a range of card patterns, cloth, kits and sewing  notions.

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I’ve always admired the branding of Merchant & Mills products. The utilitarian of cover of Elementary Sewing Skills looks oddly old fashioned and out of place amongst my colourful craft books but they always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Although I’ve never tried dress making I really want to make my daughter some tops and dresses. I have the fabric but not the guts but I’m hoping that will change with this little gem of a book.

At 160 pages the book is packed full of information. The early chapters are really helpful and cover using a sewing machine, tools and fabric. Then the book has chapters which cover the art of dressmaking from understanding garment construction to using sewing patterns. The book is illustrated with useful photographs as well as step-by-step illustrations.

I’ve read this book a couple of times and pick up little nuggets of information each time. I think it’s a great book to have at hand whilst tackling your first dressmaking project. In my opinion it’s perfect for beginners or those who wish to brush up on their skills. Reading it has certainly given me some confidence to make a start and I’m hoping that this no-nonsense guide will see me through the process from start to finish.


9781909397392 Felting Fabulous Flowers by Gillian Harris

Write A Paper For Me Reviewed by: Kate Sinclair

Felting Fabulous Flowers is a really good book as a starter into this craft, the instructions are clear and concise and easy to follow even for beginners. The pictures are good and show you what you should be able to achieve. With good instructions on how to start felting you can have little or no experience and still make a good attempt at the felt flower making craft.FFFheart

I think the only thing that is a shame about this book is that you need to have the tools and equipment for BOTH wet and needle felting to be able to complete all the flowers. It needs to have some that you can do in one or the other medium so that you don’t have to have a full kit, but this is the only drawback to this book that I can see.

Masters Dissertation Services Many References If you want to start making felted flowers as a new craft you I would definitely recommend this book as it takes you through, from easier to more difficult flowers. Then all you need is your own imagination to turn all these new flowers that you create into arrangements or jewellery or whatever you can think of!!

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