Dissertation Writing Nyc Schools Shooting a book is always exciting. All those hours spent of planning are finally paying off and the visual style of the book is coming together. Shooting Dogs in Jumpers was truly amazing – a dog lover’s dream. Our models: 17 sprightly dogs, ranging from greyhounds and whippets to terriers, schnauzers and dachshunds. Chaos, we hear you say. But the day went smoothly, these doggies and their owners were all well behaved and our photographer Kerry Jordan from Whippet Snippets is a seasoned pro when it comes to photographing dogs. Here follows a few behind the scenes snaps from the photo shoot.

Author Debbie and a concentrated Bruno modelling Bruno’s Toasty Twister Rib Jumper. Bruno is very much the catalyst behind Debbie’s dog attire company Redhound for Dogs. Bruno, who is a whippet, suffers from alopecia, meaning that he really feels the cold. As Debbie struggled to find a good quality dog jumper that would fit, she decided it was time to get her needles and yarn out to knit him one:


Long-haired Chihuahua Bunny Mouse gets to familiarise herself with photographer Kerry before it’s time to get in front of the camera:


Apparently the trick behind getting dogs into pose is spelled T R E A T S. Models Ralph and Bunny Mouse surely are in for one after standing so still for this shot. Although, it turns out that Ralph’s favourite treat is isn’t your standard dog treat, but scrambled egg:


This is Bedlington terrier Edie, modelling the Properly Practical Coat. Here, Edie is in her right element as, according to her owner, she is the happiest when she has an audience:


Also looking like she is in her right element is our designer Zoë, getting to take the adorable Edie for a little stroll before it’s time to photograph the snuggly dog blanket:


And finally, here is West Highland terrier Archie in his Lovely Luxurious Jumper. Now Archie is a bit of a performance veteran, when he doesn’t do modelling, he is very active in pantomime circles. He is also a big fan of cheese:


9781910496305Meet the dog models and find the patterns for their snuggly and stylish jumpers in Dogs in Jumpers by Redhound for Dogs, available now. Behind the scenes photographs by Krissy Mallett.

What better backdrop for a book called Knit Your Own Farm than a real animal farm? That’s exactly what the Pavilion Craft team thought and so we packed our suitcases full with the four-legged knitted animal models and hit the road in the search for a nearby farm.


Essay Sites We arrived safely and were welcomed by our woolly hostesses for the day:

Farm shoot 1

Law School Essay Writing Service The animal models are being briefed ahead of the shoot by their creators Joanna and Sally. All under the watchful eye of
Joanna’s dog Nell
 who came along for the adventure:

Farm shoot 2

http://softwaretopspot.com/product/autodesk-autocad-mechanical-2016-64-bit/ Buy Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2016 (64-bit) oem Cow grooming in process. It’s important to look your finest for the camera:

Farm shoot 3

Best Resume Writing Services In Philadelphia Reviews Cow being very pro in front of the camera despite the presence of that giant furry monster. Oh, sorry, Nell…

Farm shoot 4

This little piggy never quite realised she was on top of a stove.
Luckily, knitted ham sandwiches for lunch didn’t even cross our minds:

Farm shoot 5

Mr Turkey was a little shy at first, but after a few outbursts of blushing photographer Holly got some top-notch shots:

Farm shoot 6

Only the goat was a bit of a diva, demanding pre-chewed cud and mint imperials all day long.
But who can resist giving in to such a supermodel? Look here how beautifully he poses for the camera:

Farm shoot 7

Knitted sheepdog at work!

Farm shoot 8

Music Gcse Coursework Help Photographer Holly was quick to to grab the opportunity to take some pictures:

Farm shoot 9

Homework Helper Sarbenes Oxley Crew, knitted animals and real animals – we all had a fantastic day out at the farm, despite being chased by a bull!
But now it’s time to go home little fluffy lambs:

Farm shoot 10

See the result of our shoot in Knit Your Own Farm, out now!


From time to time, we’re lucky enough to travel to exciting places to shoot pictures for our new books. Earlier this year, Commissioning Editor Amy and Designer Laura swapped a few cold British winter days for an even colder weekend in Stockholm to shoot Winter Knitting, which is publishing later this month.

Swedish authors Katarina and Helena Rosén of MillaMia showed some of their favourite spots and the crew got the joy of celebrating Swedish Christmas in February – luckily Stockholm is surrounded by forests growing Christmas trees all year round so finding a tree wasn’t an issue.

Here’s Amy’s photo diary from the shoot:


A cold day by the Stockholm seaside photographing the Madicken Cape.


Our designer Laura gives up her mittens for a warming snack.


Model styling on the Djurgårdsbron bridge.


We were travelling around town in these pretty blue trams.


Making sure we catch the few winter sun rays with our reflector at Skeppsbron. Our backdrop: the beautiful Riddarholmen boat.


Photographing Christmas celebrations at the authors’ friend Asa’s city flat. These two young models were very pro.


The view from the flat. We can confirm Stockholm is beautiful in any weather.


We can’t wait to dig into this gingerbread house later.


And this one. Swedish kladdkaka (literary means ‘sticky cake’). Ask any Swede about this and their eyes will light up.


The Dala Horse is roped in to check the Nordic Nightscape cushion shot is perfect.


Bye bye Stockholm, hope to see you again soon. Now, which path leads back to London?

Jane Foster’s debut book Fun with Fabric: Sew, cut, print and stick with retro and vintage fabric hits the shelves in October. Here’s some exclusive behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot we did whilst making the book.

Jane Foster behind the scenes with sunshine and showers fabric

Shooting Jane with her ‘sunshine and showers’ fabric


Behind the scenes Fun With Fabric

A close up of the ‘sunshine and showers’ fabric prints, which you can learn to make in Jane Foster’s new book Fun with Fabric


cat on Jane Foster Fun with Fabric photo shoot

All good photo shoots need a cat on set!

Taking photos for Fun with Fabric with Jane Foster

Taking photos for Fun with Fabric with Jane Foster

 Fun With Fabric will be published in October. We can’t wait!

Fun with Fabric by Jane Foster

Fun with Fabric by Jane Foster








Are you ready to join the Knit Parade this autumn? Take a sneak peek at our behind the scenes photos from the shoot for new book The Knit Parade: 12 Statement Sweater Patterns, 12 Motifs to Meddle With.

Behind the scenes on The Knit Parade

Josie gets in the picture

Behind the scenes on The Knit Parade

Shooting star Ryan on set

Behind the scenes on The Knit Parade

Getting camera ready for the photo shoot

Behind the scenes on The Knit Parade

Our cover star Yoshimi

The Knit Parade

The Knit Parade will be published in September 2013. With jumpers as cool as this we can’t wait to knit them all!




We are lucky to be working on our new Clangers book with two very creative women, Carol Meldrum and Ruth Herbert. Each of them has been watching hours and hours of Clangers on DVD to make sure that their projects are perfect.

Carol Meldrum is making the characters, including of course the knitted Clangers. These will take a few goes to get right – but I’m sure she’ll get there in the end. Here’s an early version of her Clanger – what do you think?!

Clanger by Carol Meldrum

Mother from the Clangers TV programme

And here’s the real thing – not bad!

Ruth Herbert has undertaken the task of recreating all the sets, vehicles and trees for us. Ruth has had a little bit of advice from her grandfather – he is Peter Firmin, one of the original creators of the 1970s TV series. As soon as she sent us her first pictures, we knew she was going to be a star!


Here’s her rocket – made out of bits and pieces she had lying around the house, just like the original. She definitely has some Clanger genes…

We can’t wait to see all of the finished projects – it’s going to be great!

LoveCrafts’ own Amy is here to tell you about one of the best parts of her job – photoshoots:

I always look forward to photoshoots – it is one of the most creative aspects of my job. Before the shoot for Carnival of Felting, Gillian Harris and I had discussed exactly how we wanted the pictures to look. Gillian’s work has a very strong aesthetic, so we chose a location that would allow her projects to really stand out and take centre stage. We had a variety of projects, some large, and some small, so we had to plan everything out very carefully. The most tricky thing to work out was how to hang the wonderful Crowning Glory Chandelier!

On Day 1 of the shoot there was much excitement as Gillian’s husband brought along their two puppies! We used them as models for two of the projects – the Pet Petals Pet Bed and the Rockingly Retro Pet Collar.

Once the pups had had a good sniff of everything, they soon settled down and were total professionals, as you can see from the brilliant final shot.

Carnival of Felting is publishing in April. You can pre-order your copy now.

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